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Working with you to provide good quality sustainable design

DSH Architects Ltd

 We are Architects, Landscape Architects, Environmental Designers and Conservation Specialists.

Registered with the Architects Registration Board, we are also chartered architects with the Royal Institute of British Architects; we use their     standard management procedures.

 Fully insured, we work on both large and small projects.

 In practice since 1988, we have been at this address since 1999 and a limited company since 2007. We have over 44 years experience (as of July 2020).

 We provide the full range of standard architectural services from initial briefing to final certification; as well as many other specialist services as well. In particular, we have expertise in Landscape Architecture, in Historic Conservation and in Environmental Design.

 We operate both locally in Gloucestershire & globally and have extensive local & multi disciplinary contacts.

 Committed to environmental design, we provide an expert, dedicated and friendly service.

 Our initial consultations are free.



Due to the level of work now undertaken we need:

 technical draftsman or architect to join us in our small,

cheerful and busy practice. We are working on private houses, hotels,

community facilities and hospitals.

We specialise in listed buildings and sustainable design, providing

a wide range of services.

We use Archicad on Apple Macs.

We are equal opportunity employers; as well as in house we able to consider self-employed, home workers and job sharers.

We are looking at a long-term arrangement.

Call us on 01453 839121 or email rachaelstainerhutchins@gmail.com

We also need a cleaner. 

A well appointed room is available to rent in a private flat above the office. £450 per month inclusive. view by arrangement.

Grenfell and the Cladding Scandal

The housing and communities secretary said it's "not right" for leaseholders or taxpayers to foot the bill of "shoddy" building work when he was questioned over Grenfell-style cladding; but he’s not going to make developers cough up. He’s going to allow leaseholders 15 years to sue developers, builders and, presumably designers. Or anybody else on whom liability will stick. This will have an immediate effect upon, amongst other things, Insurance premiums and building costs generally. As a knock-on effect, all professionals involved in construction, including Architects, will be required to increase their fees.  


DSH Architects have kept busy through the lockdown.

Currently, we are designing an extension to an old farmhouse that cuts through the Througham Long Barrow, an ancient monument. It may qualify as the oldest inhabited house in England. Alternatively, it might make an excellent wine cellar.


On checking our records, we note that whilst we mostly employ local people, we have had over a dozen different nationalities working here. Additionally, we have been populated by year-out students and work experience pupils from local schools, who have all contributed in one way or another.


Fin Stainer-Hutchins got his joint Photography and Cinematic degree at Leeds Art College. He is now a combat photographer with 43 Commando on HMS Prince of Wales.


Christine Mcdonagh has stood down after many years as company secretary. We wish her the best of luck and many thanks for all her hard work and good advice.

Jeremy Mahony is helping out as Practice Manager.


Pasha Zuniev has had a year out with us and will be returning to UWE in the autumn.

The office is experiencing some quite significant repairs made necessary by the great flood of March 2020. The office is going to look very smart as a result.


We have been appointed by the new owners of the Convent, Woodchester. This marvellous old building has been allowed to fall into disrepair and we are busy undertaking a detailed survey to help determine all the repair work that will be needed to be carried out to bring her back to life.

Tatiana Bohorquez has come to help out an architect. We are pleased and proud to have her as part of the team. 

Following our own brush with Cancer, we acknowledge the brilliant work of the Charity The Maggie's Centre in Cheltenham. They provide free one-to-one help and information which is invaluable and are unquestionably deserving of all the support they can get. Incidentally, all Maggie Centres are designed by well-known architects to a very high standard.

The World of Insurance post Grenfell and Covid.


We do of course maintain minimum professional indemnity insurance cover.  We are covered for £2,000,000 in respect of any one occurrence or series of occurrences arising out of one event.  

However, the fall out from the Grenfell tragedy (and to some extent the Covid pandemic) means that there are certain events for which no cover is now available; for example if you want to dig out a new basement.

Needless to say, we will always make it abundantly clear to a client if a proposed development or construction is incapable of PI insurance cover

D Stainer-Hutchins Architects Ltd. 5 Bridge Street, Nailsworth, Stroud, Glos GL6 0AA

01453 839121         info@dstainer-hutchinsarchitects.co.uk

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