About Us

Aerodrome House

Aerodrome House is an innovative new design for a Paragraph 55 house on the old Babdown airfield near Westonbirt. We are hoping to transform this site, that historically was used to train Australian pilots in WW1, into a space for an exciting new citizens science house.

Not only will the house be an ecological zero carbon residential building, complete with a rotating solar panel roof, ground source heat pump, off grid electricity supply and use of a new ecological lime concrete. It will also host one of the biggest new telescopes to be built in the UK in the last 5 years, and will play an exciting role in a citizens science movement that is growing across the country.

Citizens science, is scientific research conducted by amateur or nonprofessional scientists, and is a new way of engaging the public in science and making it more participatory and accessible. The telescope based in Aerodrome house will be free and open to access by individuals and institutions, both online and physically, and there has been a huge amount of interest from local individuals, astronomy societies, schools and universities. Its accompanying astrological gardens and the house itself, will be open for the public to access on regular days, evenings and weekends throughout the year. 

Aerodrome House is one of our most exciting new designs, as it uses innovative ecological technology and design, and experiments with blurring the lines between public and prviate spaces for the benefit of science and education.