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At DSH we are a chartered practice, having over 40 years experience designing a wide range of buildings of which includes private houses, art galleries, community centres, hotels, schools, surgeries, pubs and churches. We have a reputation for working with listed buildings and providing unique innovative ecological design.

We offer the full range of architectural services to help you with your building project, including initial feasibility studies, planning applications, building regulations, tenders and site supervision, project management, landscape design, building surveys and planning consultancy.

We can also provide:- Measured surveys of existing buildings; Building condition surveys; Schedules of dilapidations, Party wall agreements; Retrospective planning applications; CDM Health and safety plans. Disabled access reports. Environmental impact assessments. Quinquennial surveys, Heritage reports. Conservation management plans, Community consultations. And More.


We can obtain:- Flood risk assessments, Tree surveys, Ecological reports, Bat surveys, Archaeological reports; Ventilation reports; Drainage reports; Fire risk assessments, traffic surveys; Acoustic reports; Geotechnical reports; Structural calculations, thermal calculations; Bills of quantities, mechanical and electrical schemes. Planning appeals; Planning statements. And More.



DSH Architects Ltd  have been involved with a number of research and development projects including:-


Lime Concrete, where we worked with Bath university engineering dept’ and structural engineers Ramboll Whitby Bird to develop high strength lime concrete, with a strength of around 57Knmm( instead of the previous 3.5Knmm). The materials are available in most areas. Productions is fairly easy and it uses less energy, producing less Co2 than most forms of concrete.


Low Allergy Design, where we have worked on a number of projects to develop low or no allergy designs, for houses for people with serious multiple allergies. Buildings with no plastics, high spec’ filtrated ventilation, UV shading, selected garden planting, shielded electrical fittings and protection from 5G  radio waves and similar.


Walter Segal Houses, where we have worked on a number of Walter Segal projects. Walter Segal was an architect who developed a system of building using simple panels and posts with no wet trades, suitable for use on cheap steep hillsides. The process only required low levels of skill and simple tools.


Para 79 Houses, where we have worked on a number of Para79 projects (previously PPG7, known as Gummers Law) where a house can be built in the open countryside provided it is either out standing or innovative.


Passivhaus Design, where we have worked on a number of  ‘Passivhaus’ projects to provide either net zero energy use buildings or sustainable energy efficient designs. Passivhaus design is a system for designing and predicting the energy efficiency of house to a high standard.

D Stainer-Hutchins Architects Ltd. 5 Bridge Street, Nailsworth, Stroud, Glos GL6 OAA.
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